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Gabon Mining is the first diversified Gabonese base metals mining company with operations in the main permits, primarily producing gold.

Messages from our leaders

SEM was formed by Presidential decree in 2011 to facilitate the development of Gabon’s mineral resources. SEM is a private company which is wholly owned by the Government of Gabon Initially, SEM’s activities will be focused on expanding and developing strategic national minerals.

Since 2009, Gabon has implemented an ambitious development strategy with the view to meet by 2015 the criteria usually accepted to be classified as an emerging country. This strategy, called Emerging Gabon, aims to achieve a balanced economic and social with due consideration to the environment so that the country’s wealth contributes to the improvement of the Gabonese people living conditions.

Like many oil-producing countries, Gabon, has been hit hard by the impact of the drastic drop in commodity prices. This situation has led to a slowdown in our economic activity. In this context, I instructed the Government to set up a Transformation Acceleration Plan (T.A.P). This program aims to revive our economy by accelerating the transition to a post-oil paradigm, and emphising a new engines of growth whose potential can be increased. These include the mining, forestry and agricultural sectors.

In addition, Gabon is strengthening its energy capacity through the imminent completion of new solar or hydroelectric power plants in order to give a new impetus to its industrialization process.

Beyond the infrastructure development , the induced effect of the implementation of this recovery plan is to ensure fiscal adjustment and the promote the private sector as levers for diversification and transformation of the national economy. » SE Ali Bongo Ondimba, President of the Republic, Head of State.

SE Ali Bongo Ondimba
President of the Republic, Head of State.


Gabon mining industry, one of the country’s few world-class industries, has the capacity to continue to generate wealth and employment opportunities on a large scale. Because mining is an international business, Gabon has to compete against developed and developing countries to attract both foreign and local investment. Many mining projects in Gabon have tended to be unusually large and long term, requiring massive capital and entailing a high degree of risk. Gabon has an exceptional minerals endowment, and in several major commodities has the potential to supply far more than the world markets can consume.

As articulated in its macroeconomic strategy, Government has committed itself to a continuing process of economic liberalisation, thus strengthening the competitive capacity of the economy, fiscal and tariff reform and bureaucratic deregulation. These are essential steps towards enhancing the country’s competitiveness, attracting foreign direct and portfolio investment and creating a climate conducive to business expansion. The mining industry among others will benefit in the long term from these developments.

By its very nature the mining industry has the potential to endanger human health and safety as well as the physical environment. That is why the Government established a regulatory framework that minimises such dangers without imposing excessive cost burdens on the industry and thereby jeopardising its economic viability.

Vincent de Paul Massassa
Gaz, Petroleum and Mining Minister


Gabon Mining Company has achieved sustainable improvements in our safety, environmental, social and operating performance, and our overarching goal is to ensure sustainability is embedded in our operating disciplines as a key contributor to our success.

Since I get on board on august 2021, we initiated with our stakeholders a cross-functional and collaborative process to take us to the next level in our sustainability strategy and performance, including the creation of a multi-disciplinary sustainability working group, an executive steering committee and a formal governance structure. Through this process, we will continue to define, integrate and embed sustainability pillars, key themes, performance indicators and long-term targets.

Elvis Ossindji
CEO Gabon Mining

Our Values (W.E.S.T)


We do what is right an honour our commitments.


We set high standards and challenge ourselves to deliver superior performance.


We hold health and safety as our top priority in everything we do.


We embrace diversity, inclusion, open dialogue, and collaboration.
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