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Created by the Presidential Decree n°1018/PR/MMPH of August 24, 2011, the Société Equatoriale des Mines has the mission, in the name and on behalf of the State, to hold and manage its participation in mining companies, as well as to undertake in the Gabonese Republic or abroad, alone or in association, any activity related to the mining sector. The SEM is placed under the administrative supervision of the Presidency of the Republic, and the technical supervision of the Ministry of Mines.


  • The Miamizez mining permit is located 110 km northeast of the town of Makokou, in the Mvadhy district of the Ogooué Ivindo province. It is located at the foot of the iron ore deposits of the Belinga Mountains.

  • The Miamizez permit is located in a greenstone context belonging to the Belinga supergroup and shows gold mineralization. To the north of the permit, showings of Cu-Mo mineralization have been intercepted in core drilling. Monzogranitic intrusions reported on the regional geological map have played a major role in the emplacement of the gold mineralization observed in the Haut-Ivindo mineral district.

  • Gold-bearing alluvial placers have been mined by gold miners since the 1950s within the permit. The proposed alluvial gold resource is approximately 150 kg and needs to be refined for conversion to reserves by shaft sinking. The potential for primary gold exists and needs to be evaluated by geochemical sampling, ground geophysical survey and fine geological mapping.

    • Area of the mining permit: 27 km2
    • Planned alluvial gold resources are approximately on 1/3 of the permit: 150 kg
    • Average grade: 0.5g/m3
    • Life of mine: 2 years
    • Monthly alluvial gold production recorded: N/A
    • Gold purity before refining: 970 
    • Work performed: Prospecting wells in the placers to determine resources. Only the edges of the placer have been prospected. The center of the placer is being estimated;
    • The geological context of the permit is marked by the presence of iron-bearing furrows within greenstone belts of Neoarchean age. The gold is mainly of the orogenic type, present in quartz. An iron-copper-gold association is observed. To the north of the permit, Cu-Mo associations were intercepted in old drill holes.
    • Analyses of 520 soil and auger samples are underway as part of the primary gold deposit search program.
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