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Created by the Presidential Decree n°1018/PR/MMPH of August 24, 2011, the Société Equatoriale des Mines has the mission, in the name and on behalf of the State, to hold and manage its participation in mining companies, as well as to undertake in the Gabonese Republic or abroad, alone or in association, any activity related to the mining sector. The SEM is placed under the administrative supervision of the Presidency of the Republic, and the technical supervision of the Ministry of Mines.


  • The Mebaga mining permit is located approximately 50 km as the crow flies east of the town of Mitzic in the Okano department of the Woleu Ntem province.

  • Geologically, the MEBAGA permit area is characterized by an Archean basement made up mainly of two granitoid facies dating back 2.7Ga. 

    We have :
    • on the one hand grey granitoids with granodiorite-tonalite-diorite facies and
    • on the other hand pink granitoids with granite-monzonite-syenite-migmatitite facies. 

    Greenstone belts with BIF or ferruginous quartzites are also mapped in this granitoid basement. The purity determination of alluvial gold melted into bars has yielded values in the order of 98%. Gabonese gold is considered on average to be naturally rich.The ferruginous quartzites occur topographically in the summit position on the NGAMA and MEBAGA ridges, thus recording the highest altitudes in the region. The Archean basement is deeply altered and rocky outcrops appear only very rarely due to tectonic accidents.

  • The prospecting work carried out has identified potential zones classified in three (3) levels of priority for alluvial gold. 

    The alluvial gold resources envisaged in the area are of the order of 500 kg, this quantity was estimated on the basis of sunken pits within the Mebaga placer. 

    The potential for primary gold exists. Indeed, a mineralogical and chemical study of the alteration profile of the zone dating from 1988 (Fabrice Colin and Paul Lecomte), has shown that the gold identified in the alteration is of primary origin. 

  • The provisional works to be carried out to define the alluvial gold reserves are :

    The sinking of evaluation wells with a hydraulic shovel: 64 600 000 XAF

    Logistics: 49 350 000 XAF

    Personnel: 34,560,000 XAF

    Total cost : 148 500 000 XAF

    Gold price on December 12, 2021: 33,000,000 XAF/kg

    Value of the 205kg deposit: 6 765 000 000 XAF 

    Boulevard de la Nation (bord de mer), BP 2130 Libreville - Gabon
    Tel: +241 11444612
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