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Gabon mining industry, one of the country’s few world-class industries, has the capacity to continue to generate wealth and employment opportunities on a large scale.Because mining is an international business, Gabon has to compete against developed and developing countries to attract both foreign and local investment.

Gabon : a growing economy

Gabon adopted the PSGE

As a consequence of the world’s economic crisis in 2008, Gabon decided to change its strategy of development. Gabon adopted the PSGE, a model of its own in 2009. A new deal and orientations for the establishment of a more diversified economy with new sources of revenues or incomes in favors of the GDP growth and the development of three pillars: the industrial Gabon, the green Gabon, the Gabon of services essentially to create wealth and growth.

A favorable business environment

Gabon has modernized its business environment through The revision of Codes with the goal to improve the Doing Business scoring: Improve the process of business creation with the establishment of a stop shop (guichet unique);

Reduce administrative barriers, agreement deliverance within a delay of 48 hours; Update on every major sectorial codes such as hydrocarbons, mining, forestry, tourism, agriculture, water and urban planning;

Creation of the High Council for Investment in order to strengthen public and private sectors relationship; One of the highest GDP per capita in Africa.

Political and social stability

Since its independence, Gabon has enjoyed political and social stability through a social pact based on solidarity, dialogue and social cohesion. With strong institutions and an independent and impartial justice, the country comes first in terms of governance among Central African countries according to the Mo Ibrahim Index of 2015. Gabon has never experienced armed conflict and is a model of peace in Africa and elsewhere in the world.

Mining potential

Gabon has a subsoil with enormous potential in mineral resources: iron, manganese, gold, diamond, niobium, rare earths and phosphates. The country is the world's second largest producer of high quality manganese ore. However, the mining sector in Gabon is essentially based on the exploitation of two substances: manganese and gold, and contributes modestly to the national economy with about 4% of GDP.

The occupied mining area represents 60,000 km2, or 22% of the national territory. Significant growth prospects remain. In order to make this sector a major pillar of its economy, Gabon has defined a strategic defined a strategic orientation: the optimization of added value through local processing and the diversification of mineral exploitation. This document presents the Gabonese mining potential and offers investment opportunities in the sector.

Regulatory framework

Mining rights

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