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Special dossier
Gabon towards joining back the EITI

The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) is a coalition of governments, companies and civil society organizations. The organization is based on the EITI Standard that requires the disclosure of information on taxes and other payments made by mining, gas and oil companies to governments.
The EITI Standard, which is overseen by the International EITI Board, contains a set of requirements that countries need to meet to be considered as an EITI Candidate and ultimately an EITI Complaint country. The EITI has thirty one compliant countries and seventeen candidate countries.

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Mining news
MANGANESE: Gabon engages in local processing.

COMILOG announced the commissioning of the first plant of Moanda’s Metallurgical Complex. A new context that embarks Gabon on manganese processing.

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MANGANESE: Clear optimism at NoGa Mining SA.

NoGa Mining expects an increase in the production of manganese over the next three years in the Beniomi permit. The company relies on the development of transport and storage infrastructures.
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Zinc/Lead: encouraging findings for Metals of Africa.
The Australian resources company, Metals of Africa, released the findings of the analyses of the samples from Kroussou permit. The findings were taken with great enthusiasm while waiting for additional assessments.

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Institutional news
Bio of the new Minister of Mines: Mr. Christophe Akagha-Mba.
The Ministry of Mines, Industry and Tourism has a new man as leader. This is Mr. Christophe Akagha-Mba, who formerly assumed the function of Minister of Economy and Future Planning.

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The Gabonese government transfers its holdings in COMILOG to the Société Equatoriale des Mines.

The Gabonese government transfers all its shares in the COMILOG to the Société Equatoriale des Mines. This decision strengthens the position of the SEM as a strategic partner for the mining operators in Gabon.

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Event: SEM attends the forum IPAD DRC.

SEM attended the 10th edition of the IPAD DRC forum organized in Kinshasa. The participation aimed at explaining the vision that drives the development of the Gabonese mining sector.

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Training at the center of the partnership between SEM and OCP.

Training has a prominent place in the partnership between SEM and OCP on the project for the construction of the ammonium and fertilizer plant in Gabon.

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