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Special dossier

On the occasion of the third New York Forum Africa (NYFA) which is taking place in Libreville (Gabon) from May 23 to 25, Société Equatoriale des  Mines  (SEM)  is  bringing  together  corporate  managers,  experts  and opinion leaders for discussions on the major issues related to the mining sector in Africa and in Gabon.

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IRON/GOLD: Appolo Minerals Ltd and Zoradox partner for the iron in North Kango.

Apollo Minerals and Zoradox Ltd, two companies from Australia and Middle East respectively are partnering into a joint-venture with the aim to developing the iron and gold prospecting project in Monts de Cristal.
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CEMENT: CIMAF takes Heidelberg's shares in CIMGABON.

After announcing the construction of cement plant in Owendo, the Moroccan company, CIMAF, takes the shares of Heidelberg, the German company, in CIMGABON which has been experiencing significant successive losses.
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ENVIRONMENT: COMILOG is on the verge of rehabilitating the Moulili river.

COMILOG brings together political, administrative and environment actors for a seminar on the rehabilitation of the Moulili river, which was contaminates by mining activities.
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Institutional news
Transparency: Gabon is considering joining back the EITI..

The Minister of Mines, Industry and Tourism brings together development partners in order to adopt an approach for Gabon to join back the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative.
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Taxation: Gabon signs an agreement with the OECD.

Gabon signs the Convention on Mutual Administrative Assistance on Tax Matters so as to fall within an approach of exchange of information and good practices.
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SEM and NTDMCC are partnering for the exploitation of manganese in Okondja.

Société Equatoriale des Mines and Navodaya Trading DMCC group create Gabon Manganese & Ferro Alloys to develop the manganese deposit of Okondja.

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CGCO builds its first shop in Ndjolé.

CGCO establishes the very first shop in Ndjolé in a move to support the action of its gold buying center and reinforce the social impact of its action in the gold-bearing province of Moyen-Ogooué.

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