Tuesday, February 20, 2018

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National Industrialization Strategy (SNI)

For the purpose of accelerating the economic development of the country and reaching the status of an emerging country by 2025, Gabon counts on the industrialization of its high potential sectors.

Adopted en 2009, the National Industrialization Strategy which is supporting the Strategic Plan for an Emerging Gabon (PSGE) identifies key sectors: wood, metallurgy-steel industry, chemistry, construction materials and food processing.

The SNI aims at converting the mining and metallurgical sector into a « major pillar of Gabon’seconomythrough the diversification of mineral exploitation (manganese, gold, iron, rare metals, and construction materials) and the enhancement of local added value as part of a sustainable management of resources ».

In 2014, the sector accounted for 45 of the GDP, 1.3% of non-oil budgetary revenue and 1,500 formal jobs.

Objectives in2020

Manganese: Multiply by three the added value of the industry by enhancing locally at least 35% of the production.

Gold:Accelerate the extraction with the intention of reaching a consolidated output of 50 tons by 2025.

Iron: Develop strategic infrastructures (ports, railways, energy) and build a major mining and metallurgical hub.

Rare metals:Confirm the potential and build a major economic hub between Port-Gentil and Lambarene based on three sectors: hydrocarbons, petrochemistry and rare metals.

Building materials:Reduce prices through the promotion of local materials and competition.

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