A new strategy

Since 2009, Gabon has implemented an ambitious development strategy with the view to meet by 2015 the criteria usually accepted to be classified as an emerging country. This strategy, called Emerging Gabon, aims to achieve a balanced economic and social with due consideration to the environment so that the country’s wealth contributes to the improvement of the Gabonese people living conditions. 

Natural resources to support development

 As a major supplier of wealth, extractive industry has a pivotal position in this strategy for Emergence. 

« The mining and oil industries play an essential role in the implementation of our development strategy: it is the fuel for the Emergence. The revenues Gabon derives from the extraction of our natural resources enable us to finance our major socio-economic infrastructure programmes and the diversification of our economy. Therefore, it is vital for the government to improve the management of its natural resources. We are planning to optimise the economic impact for Gabon while reinforcing the competitiveness of the companies already existing in Gabon and our attractiveness to foreign and national investors. Thanks to its resources and skills, Gabon can change, within a generation, all its citizens’ standards of living and lay the foundations for a prosperous country for future generations » SE Ali Bongo Ondimba, President of the Republic, Head of State

Optimising the management of natural resources

As part of its Strategic Plan for an Emerging Gabon (PSGE), Gabon developed a Mining and Oil industry Operational Plan based on 3 strategic lines:

In order to implement such policy, the Operational Plan is based on international best practices and particularly
on the Natural Resources Charter (www.naturalresourcecharter.org), which recommends:

The creation of the Société Equatoriale des Mines is in line with such ambition:

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